The Xprog Device Repair Assistant Is Silent. Timeout Error

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    Over the past week, some of our readers have come across a known error code when the xprog device is silent. synchronization error. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will discuss this below.

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    Hello everyone
    I have updated a real xprog m to the version made by andre luis 5.51 and my interface is definitely recognized as USB serial and after reading the device it tells me that the device has a silent timeout error with hardware cable or PC or maybe xprog itself Thanks for the help.




    real instrumentsItemprop=”name”>xprog

    I bought China Xprog-m v5.50 to turn off the processor of the old key.Cup of Mercedes Benz. So I connected the appropriate adapter to this circuit myself and installed the program, but unfortunately when I try to read the CPU externally, it always appears “the machine is silent. timeout error„. First the green LED lights up for a while and then turns red. Then I changed it tocom 1 traffic (com port 29 on the splash screen) Solder the wires to the new adapter for the chip … externalcable 9V 1 in particular and 28 have + as well as –
    But still the problem: the device is silent. synchronization error. Someone said: “1 orange paw, get up. The oscillator sets the auto-ring to 2mg. (I tried but it didn’t work) Another trick I tried between mhhauto and no:„1- Use any adapter, read MCU key. Few – raise (solder key) Pin 1 Many – adjust frequencyI am with crI amfixed key point (usually 2MHz, but sometimes 4MHz) digit 4 – dial MC68HC05E6 (0F82B) 5 – pinoutmicrocontrollerwithxprog:AVppR – – 1 (Raise) Gnd – – 28 B2 – – – 11 B3 – – – 12 B5 – – – 2 B6 – – – 15 VDC current – – 27Ps.USBAGAINSTable. No need for an external power supply. MIs it possible to use the UPA USB programmer instead of xprog, someone needs to connect more cables, but it is quite stable. So I soldered the microcontroller to the back of the flash drive and luckily this wonderful brand works fine. However, another problem! I could read this and save the .bin, but stillcan notTo choose “Transparent” A file to run an empty key to put another .bin file on the key.
    The solution I just found online is to write a new dump to the Key without deleting it. Yes it happened!!! Works when I put a new dump without immediate removal. But first I tried to put 00 00 (zeros) everywhere with writing to MCU and it works better, but when I tried it can write to IR when my ak500 key generator is not working. So I’m taking advantage of the made MCU with xprog to get it to work. but it should be interesting to find out why the ak500 does not work through this button. I want to read the empty secret first, but that doesn’t work. Usually, when I erase NEC keys and read an element there, I can write an additional “blank key” at any time.I am without any problems.

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    Hi, I have a problem with my Xprog m clone, when I try to read the MC68HC11 microcontroller, the DEVICE INITIALIZATION topic does not appear and works? :banghead:

    thank you

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
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  • Same device error when reading similar chips. writes “The device is silent, timeout error”

    Are the contacts clean?
    and get in touch?
    Make sure they are in good contact and that there is no shit on those legs

    xprog device is silent. timeout error

    Which version of the software are you using?
    Maybe firmware 5.Inside 0 is xprog so you are using software 4.5,
    try 5.0 soft
    I had this problem

    hi, i have a problem organizing xprog m clone when i try to read mcu mcu mc68hc11 every message INITIALIZING DEVICE pops up and almost nothing happens? :banghead:

    thank you

    xprog device is silent. timeout error

    I have the same problem when I try read the MC68HC11E9, hopefully the clone just can’t read it, but I hope I’m badly wrong.

    I’m ready to make my own xprog-m clone, do you know if version 5.0 supports the ST10FXXX family?

    thank you

    I can buy a clone of xprog-m, do you already know if version 5.0 of ST10FXXX supports wife and kids and does it work well?

    thank you

    I guess I buy the original because xprog m nothing works and always the same Device IS message is silent, timeout error ‘

    I think I’ll buy the real original because xprog m doesn’t understand well and I always get the same message Instrument IS is silent, timeout error ‘
    M8 I have an xprog m clone so it reads everything, even the tools my upa can’t hate so much but understand it must be a custom READ error.

    FYI, the xprog m master clone is the most important kit I have purchased in a long time. It’s just reliable to use. I have complete confidence when wearing the device

    M8 I have a duplicate xprog m and it sees everything, even things my op can’t hate enough to say otherwise, but thisoh, must be user error. Please double check who all the correct contacts are, and assuming you do it correctly, IT WILL BE READ.

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    Dispositivo Xprog E Silencioso Erro De Tempo Limite
    Xprog Apparaat Is Stil Time Outfout
    El Dispositivo Xprog Esta En Silencio Error De Tiempo De Espera
    Xprog Gerat Schweigt Timeout Fehler
    Xprog 장치는 무음입니다 시간 초과 오류
    Il Dispositivo Xprog E Silenzioso Errore Di Timeout
    Le Peripherique Xprog Est Silencieux Erreur De Delai D Attente
    Xprog Enheten Ar Tyst Timeout Fel
    Urzadzenie Xprog Jest Ciche Blad Przekroczenia Limitu Czasu
    Xprog Molchit Oshibka Tajm Auta

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