Debian Linux Kernel Source Troubleshooting Tips

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have come across the source code for the Debian Linux kernel.

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    This is your outdated guide on how to put the Linux kernel in a huge .deb package. Do not consume or take with seafood. See instead

    Install Required Packages

    We need the following packages to download and build the Linux kernel source:

    • build-essential – Required packages for building.
    • linux-source is the Linux kernel source.
    • libncurses5-dev – development files for ncurses5. Optional for curses using menu-based configuration.

    To install these packages, run the following command as root:

    • sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-source bc kmod cpio flex libncurses5-dev libelf-dev libssl-dev dwarfs / usr / src

      < / li>

    below you will find the specific file thatth looks like this: linux-source-x.x.tar.xz. Please indicate that x.x is the current Linux kernel source to keep Debian simpler. In this example I am using kernel 4.15 under Sid.

    Extract the kernel source with the following command (NOTE: you need to change the 4.15 time to match the .tar.xz file in / usr / src):

    • linux kernel source code debian

      tar xavf /usr/src/linux-source-4.15.tar.xz

    Configure Kernel Directory

    Where can I find the Linux kernel source code?

    But when you get Linux code from, you compile the supplied kernel source swap file into a bone repository for each kernel destination. You can find an amazing kernel source tree in the linux / directory of your paper repository. You should check the kernel plan.

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  • To make sure you have the Linux kernel element you just checked out (roll back to 4.15 for your version), edit:

    • cd linux-source-4.15

    Create defconfig with the following command, change ARCH = i386 to match your target architecture:

    • make ARCH = i386 defconfig

    Using Your Current Main Debian Kernel Configuration As A Great Starting Point

    linux kernel source code debian

    Alternatively, you can use the exact configuration of the kernel created by Debian where you have already installed it by modifying the / boot / config- * file in the . config as well as make oldconfig to answer new questions.

    When you are donebark, you can change the order that will be defined:

     make [4]: ​​*** There is no rule for creating niche 'debian / certs / test-signed-certs.pem' required by 'certs / x509_certificate_list'. Stop.***make [4]: ​​Waiting for work in progress .... 

    Build Debian Most Important Package

    Use make bindeb-pkg target to configure your kernel. the -j`nproc` argument specifies that the assembly will be used as with most processors.

    • good make -j`nproc` bindeb-pkg

    This will probably take a while, so it's worth noting that this does not have to be done on the target machine (or even on our own target architecture). Check your generator for kernel cross-compilation if you want to install this item). If you choose the most powerful machine, you can reduce the time spent on this process from a few hours to less accurate.

    It should also be noted that if you are not using a lot of Link, deviating from the standard design that comes with Debian, you will need more than 7GB or space to manage this.

    When creating a complete colithe number of files in the parent or parent directory, here is the important and confusing fujifilm finepix a303:

    • linux-image-VERSION_ARCH.deb
    • linux-image-VERSION-dbg_VERSION_ARCH.deb

    The first replaces your current participation menu list item that is used at creation time. This means that if someone installs it, the next time you reboot the family, you will boot with which kernel.

    The second debug is symbols during the first. This is useful if, for example, you want to create a debug kernel. It should be noted that when you are debugging the symbols are usually around 5GB in size.

    See Also

    "Making a Better Kernel" section in the Debian Administrator's Guide (WARNING: Deprecated)

    Q: I would like to install and download a complete kernel source tree to compile this custom kernel for my Debian Ubuntu system. How Much Do I Need to Load a Full Kernel Test on Debian or Ubuntu?

    Before installing the loaded kernel sources on a layered Linux system, consider whether you really should use the complete kernel sources.If the public is trying to compile just about any kernel module or special driver associated with your kernel, you don't need a full source kernel. All you have to do is install the appropriate core h2 tag files and that's it.

    You only need the complete kernel source tree if you want to create your own kernel after any change to the kernel standard and / or change to the default kernel parameters.

    Here's how to register and install the complete Debian kernel source bridge from the Ubuntu repositories. While you can download the source code for the regular kernel from, you can use the distribution repositories to invoke the kernel source that contains patches for the kernel. applies to it.

    Install Complete Kernel Sources On Debian

    Before downloading a useful kernel resource, install dpkg-dev , which contains a number of development tools needed to build Debian source packages. Among other things, dpkg-dev contains a dpgk-source tool that can extractDebian source code and automatically apply fixes.

     $ sudo apt-get dpkg-dev
     $ load apt-get source linux-image - $ (uname -r)

    In addition to the complete kernel source ( linux_X.X.XX.orig.tar.xz ), a good kernel patch is available ( linux_X.XX + XXX.debian.tar .xz < / code>) and the search file control ( linux_XXXX.dsc ) are also registered and stored in the Innovative directory. The .dsc file contains practical ideas on how to apply fixes to a specific kernel source.

    After the backup is complete, the above command automatically invokes the dpkg-source tool, which typically unpacks the downloaded kernel source into Active Directory and applies the downloaded related fixes. dsc file.

    The last big kernel source tree will use the current directory as linux-X.X.XX .

    Install The Complete Kernel Source On Ubuntu

    If you want to install the complete kernel source, on Ubuntu you should also use one of our Debian methods described above.

    However, it is possible to fully load the kernel tool in Ubuntu. Can youDo not test the Canonical kernel used for different versions of Ubuntu.

     $ sudo apt-get install gitDuplicate $ git git: //$ (lsb_release --codename | cut -f2). Example, git

    If you are using Ubuntu 14.04, the above command from the code " ubuntu-trusty " will check the Git repository.

    After you can check out the Git repository, use the following command to install the required development packages to improve the dependencies of the kernel checkpoint tree.

     $ sudo apt-get build-dep -r)

    linux-image - $ (uname

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    Codice Sorgente Del Kernel Linux Debian

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