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This tutorial will help you when you see the java.servlet API.

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    Javax file. A servlet package contains a percentage of classes and interfaces that discuss and define the contracts between a huge servlet class and the runtime options provided to an instance of that class by the servlet outline container.


    A class that represents the execution of a value for an asynchronous operation why was it initiated with ServletRequest.


    Auditors who, according to experts, will be informed in the part that asynchronous The operation was triggered by a ServletRequest that the fans were attracted to. added completed, expired, or caused an internal error.


    A filter is an object that sometimes performs filtering tasks for Requests a resource (servlet or inactive content) or a general response from one resource, but from both.

    filter string The

    FilterChain is an object that is typically exposed to developers through a servlet container. provide an overview of your filtered resource call chain as needed.


    The filter configuration object selected by the container Servlet to successfully send information to the filter for initialization.


    The interface through which

    The Filter

    can be customized a little further.


    The interface through which


    registered with one of


    Actions to be taken


    can always be further configured.

    Playback Listener java.servlet api

    This class is a new callback mechanism that notifies implementations. HTTP as the request data is made available so that it can be read without blocking.


    The interface through which




    might be good is no longer configurable.

    Dynamic registration

    The interface through which the genre




    saved through one of the



    addFilter methods

    , respectively on


    can be further customized.


    Defines the object to receive requests from the client. and send it positively to every resource (e.g. servlet, HTML file or JSP file) on the server.


    Defines the methods that virtual servlets should implement.


    Servlet object shaping used by the servlet container passing information to the servlet during initialization.


    Is servlet a REST api?

    Servlets are API, but definitely not RESTful. Here, servlets can only run in a servlet container, but RESTful companies can run in a web container as well. RESTful talks about resources / objects / verbs and / or gives you more specific ways to use services in the marketplace, i.e. it can provide a clear explanation of how to use HTTP verbs.

    An interface that allows the library / runtime to ensure that you receive notifications over the Internet. Start the application phase and complete all required programs Registration of servlets, filters, i.e. listeners in response to them.


    Defines the best ways a real servlet can use its Servlet container, for example, to normally get the MIME type of a file, Help or write to the firewood file.


    Interface for receiving condition notifications ServletContext Attribute changes. For

    Servlet Context Listener

    The interface that genderaccounts for notification events in ServletContext Life cycle changes.

    Servlet Registration
    java.servlet api

    The interface through which May opens


    can be tuned to a greater distance.


    Interface presented


    registered with one of


    easy steps


    can go further configured.


    Defines any object to provide a client with a request for information from a servlet.


    Interface for collecting notification events via attribute servlet requests Changes.


    Interface for receiving notifications of incoming requests login and logout with the size of the web app.


    Defines a specific object to help a servlet provide a response to a new client.


    The class can be used to change various properties of cookies. which are used to track sessions.

    SingleThreadModel arrested WriteListener

    Site revocation notice letting the developer know what you think is possible. write about content without using blocking.

    Filter Filter Add filter ServletContext Servlet Filter Servlet Filter addServlet Add filter ServletContext Servlet Servlet addServlet ServletContext

    The javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http packages represent the associated servlet classes and APIs.


    How do I find my servlet api?

    Open the project properties after. Right click on the project name and select Properties or.Choose Java creation path.Select the Libraries tab.Click the Add External JAR Files button.Go to the location where someone is registering servlet-api.jar.Select servlet-api.jar.Click the “Open” button.

    javax.servlet contains many class and session interfaces that are used by the associated servlet or web container. It hardly depends on the protocol.

    The javax.servlet.http framework contains interface classes that are solely responsible for HTTP requests.

    Let’s see what the interfaces of the javax.servlet package are.

    Interfaces In Javax.servlet

    Is Java servlet an api?

    To create servlets, you must use the Servlet API. There are two packages to keep in mind when using the API: javax. servlet package that contains tutorials Tutorials for supporting generic servlets (protocol independent servlets) with javax.

    The javax.servlet option has almost all interfaces. Here they are:

    1. Servlet
    2. ServletRequest
    3. ServletResponse
    4. Ask the dispatcher.
    5. ServletConfig
    6. ServletContext
    7. SingleThreadModel
    8. Filter
    9. FilterConfig
    10. Filter string
    11. ServletRequestListener
    12. ServletRequestAttributeListener
    13. ServletContextListener
    14. ServletContextAttributeListener

    Classes In Javax.servlet Package Only

    There are many in the javax.servlet package for this class. Here they are:

    1. GenericServlet
    2. ServletInputStream
    3. ServletOutputStream
    4. ServletRequestWrapper
    5. ServletResponseWrapper
    6. ServletRequestEvent
    7. ServletContextEvent
    8. ServletRequestAttributeEvent
    9. ServletContextAttributeEvent
    10. ServletException
    11. Exception not available

    Interfaces In Javax.servlet.http Package

    There are many interfaces in the javax.servlet.http package. They could be something like this:

    1. HttpServletRequest
    2. HttpServletResponse
    3. HTTP Session
    4. HttpSessionListener
    5. HttpSessionAttributeListener
    6. HttpSessionBindingListener
    7. HttpSessionActivationListener
    8. HttpSessionContext (now deprecated)


    The Javax.servlet.http Class Package

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  • There are many classes in the javax.servlet.http package. This is the following fact:

    1. HttpServlet
    2. Cookies
    3. HttpServletRequestWrapper
    4. HttpServletResponseWrapper
    5. HttpSessionEvent
    6. HttpSessionBindingEvent
    7. HttpUtils now)

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    Java Servlet Api
    자바 서블릿 Api
    Api Java Servlet

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