Troubleshooting Printer Sharing In Windows XP Without Password Protection Just Got Easier

In this guide, we describe some of the possible causes that can lead to printer sharing in Windows XP without password protection, and then we provide possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem.

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    Click on the “Start” button and then select “Control Panel”.In Control Panel, click Network and Sharing Center.Click the down arrow next to Password Protected Sharing.Check the box next to Turn off password protected sharing.Click “Apply” and exit the program.

    Disable Password Protection

    How do I turn off password Sharing printer?

    The WINDOWS + R key has appeared on your keyboard.Type control panel and then just click OK.Select Network and Sharing Center.Select Change advanced sharing settings.Select All Networks at the top of the screen.Select Turn off password protected sharing.Select Save Changes.

    Turn Off Sharing

    how to share printer in windows xp without password protection

    In Windows XP, you can share folders on your office network without an account or security. The Easy File Sharing option included with Not Pay allows you to share folders on your PC and others in the same workgroup without password protection. This benefits your employees, who also need to remember passwords. This display setting is disabled and Windows XP requires a password to access the shared version. You can mix computers on your main network, giving you free access to the files displayed in certainprivate folders, as well as password-protected access to other folders depending on your needs.


    Click Tools and select Folder Options. You will see the tab settings window.

    Click on the Preview tab. Scroll through the list of options until you see “Use simple file sharing (recommended)”.


    Check the box to enable simple file sharing. If you do this, other workgroup users on the same network will be able to open their own shared folders without sharing them. If there is only one password on your login screen, that password is always in effect.

    How do I share a printer on another computer Windows XP?

    Click Start -> Settings -> Printers and Faxes.Then right-click the icon of the printer you want toYou can share, and select “Share”.Select the “Share this printer” option and enter a share name in the text box.


    the Windows Start button and click the My Computer icon.

    how to share printer in windows xp without password protection

    Find a shared folder on your drive. The icon shows the delivery containing the folder.

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  • Right-click the answer folder. Windows will show you a plan with options. Click Sharing and Security. You will see a switcher with multiple tabs.

    How do I find my network password on Windows XP?

    In the Network Connections window, press and hold the Marketing key or right-click the program name and select Status. Click Wireless Properties. Click “Security Position” and select “Show Symbols”. The details of the wireless network can be seen in the key areas of network security.

    Click the “Don’t share this folder” radio button. Click OK. This will disable forwarding to everyone for the folder. you still need to be able to access it because no one else in your organization can see or open it.

    How do I enable file and printer Sharing in Windows XP?

    From the Start menu, select Settings → Control Panel.Double-click the network connections legend.Right-click “Local Area Connection” and look at “Properties”.Make sure the “File and even Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” collection is turned OK.

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