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    If you’re getting this “UI error” every time you try to launch the game (you can’t even get into the zombie submenu), you’re probably dealing with a driver issue. In most cases, this is caused by an outdated version of the graphics card driver account or a partially incompatible GPU driver.

    Every Call of Duty game goes through huge stages of solution testing. Since any release is usually preceded by a significant period of beta testing, some fans expect the game to be virtually bug-free. However, this is not the case as bugs appear out of nowhere as developers keep adding new content to certain games.

    User Interface

    Error 10002 is not a known bug for CoD veterans as it was also present in Black Ops 4 which premiered in 2018. Although Activision never mentioned this bug, there is one bug that changes the output because golfers may ™ not continue playing until you fix it.make a mistake.

    UI Error 10002 usually looks like a multiplayer game lobby, specifically zombies that prevent players from connecting to another game. The origin of all bugs is unknown and they seem to appear on the market randomly. The bug usually appears after gigantic content-related fixes are made, so it will be fixed fairly quickly, assuming it’s an ongoing issue for a large number of players.

    PC problems? Solve them in minutes.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan" to start the scanning process
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any detected issues

  • How to fix call UI error 10002 in Duty: Black Ops Cold War.



    While it seems elementary, restarting the program or PC is the ultimate solution to UI error 10002. A clean boot will ensure that your quest doesn’t interact incorrectly with your operating system, which it should. the root of this error.

    An anomaly in your trusted game’s UI files will usually cause the exact UI error 10002, and if you restart the game in the first place, you may not get it.Read corrections. While it shouldn’t make much of a difference, most sources and people who have resolved the issue recommend at least 20 minutes before turning the gaming smartphone back on.

    Clear The Console Cache Or Verify The Integrity Of The Game File

    While resetting often won’t resolve UI error 10002, there are a few other troubleshooting steps you’ll be doing frequently. A corrupted cache file can also easily trigger this error, meaning that clearing it can get you back into Black Ops Cold War as soon as possible.

    You can follow this guide to clear the save cache on Xbox Series X/S, or this guide to automatically compile PS5 files every time you start playing Black Ops Cold War.

    game ui error

    If the launcher doesn’t throw any errors and you don’t have any updates to install, you can try reinstalling Black Ops Cold War to make sure everything is in order. This is especially useful if you have moved files from a hard drive to an SSD or vice versa, as our process can easily damage your file.

    Create Media

    On The Ticket

    There is no doubt that nothing else helps to fix the UI error 10002. In this case, it is recommended that you contact Activision through support or through social networks. Let them know all the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far and if possible also provide screenshots where you see the exact error.

    Support staff should contact you if they need further steps to resolve the issue, and may initiate an investigation if the bug does affect most users.

    How do I fix UI error 10002?

    While it seems elementary, restarting your console or PC is the new definitive fix for UI error 10002. A clean boot ensures that nothing goes wrong and your game interacts with your operating system in the easiest possible way, which is the root cause. seems to be an error.

    In many cases, a minor follow-up correction should be made soon after a new error occurs. You can follow community Wi-Fi routers like Reddit to see if other players are experiencing similar errors, which might help someone decide whether to follow all the troubleshooting steps or wait for a subsequent fix. .

    Read this guide to learn more about user interface errors.about the interface in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (COD Cold War)! Check out solutions, possible fixes, updates and other bugs!!!

    Latest news and updates

    What Is UI Error 10002?

    How do I fix UI error?

    Uninstall Google updates on Android.Fixed an issue that caused the system UI to not work with single clicks.Clear the cache of your Android device.Reboot your device in safe mode.Uninstall third party apps on Android.Reset your Android device to factory settings.

    User Interface Issues In The Game

    UI errors are caused by the game not being able to find or render the programmed user interface. This can be caused by issues such as file corruption and untracked files.

    Reported UI Error Codes

  • 27711
  • 45867
  • 88433
  • 44813
  • 45565
  • 80184
  • 78725
  • 16135
  • 41367
  • 65342
  • 56541
  • 66146
  • May Be Caused By Updates

    How do I fix UI error 80184?

    UI Error 80184 The problem can be solved if you open the game with an additional account and make sure that this account is fully configured and verified.

    If there are errors in your interface, then someone is not alone. Other players around the world are also canceling this. Some believe that this fact is due to file swapping due to the upcoming update.

    How To Troubleshoot UI Issues

    Update Your System

    What does a UI error mean?

    UI errors are caused by the game not being able to find or play the programmed user interface. In fact, it may be caused by someOther problems such as data corruption and missing files.

    For PC, Playstation and Xbox users, you can check for updates to convinceThank you for fixing UI bugs. From there, exit the game and see if there are new updates for that game.

    Wait for decision

    game ui error

    Please note that developers will likely release fixes within hours of widespread issues such as UI bugs, so it’s best to wait until you get a fix unless you want to spend a lot.

    p >Check out the latest patch notes and bug fixes here!

    Restart Your System

    Some users have proven that a simple reboot solves their user interface issues. Reconnect the COD Cold War machine to your system to recharge it. Then restart the game to see if the dilemmas are gone.

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