How To Fix Error When Saving Phoca Gallery?

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    If you see an error message when saving Phoca Gallery to your computer, try the following troubleshooting methods.

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    Re: Thought Error: Error Saving Phoca Gallery Categories

    Hello, in that case check if the gallery is properly hosted on your server, try to examine your tables and their columns in your database and compare them through the install.bak file. You will find the installation file, zip see: ... em resolution

    Ahoj, zkontroluj jestli byla komponenta nainstalována bez chyb, zkontroluj si tabulky any jejich sloupce tvé v databázi, povnej when you need to install.

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    Re: Error Message: Error Saving Phoca Gallery Categories

    I have a general problem. I have install filel.bak included with edited prefixes for my database, the tables definitely show up in the database but I still get the error. I need to fix this now or maybe find another component* (too bad because I really like the look of this.

    Thanks for the real help... everyone.

    When I try to create images I get the following error:

    Phoca Gallery cannot save files to your server

    * Image (wrong type or corrupted image) - delete the image or upload a new concept like FTP
    Seven . GD library (does not work properly, GD library does not work, GD functions do not work) - Install or reinstall GD library
    * Permissions (no rights to write files or folders) - change permissions, as well as folders of images / photo galleries on your server

    I uploaded the images via FTP. All directories (including Phocagallery Thumbs) and have all 777 permissions (testing only). The GD library is installed and working correctly. Here is the part of GD with phpinfo() output:

    GD support enabled
    GD version provided (compatible with 2.0.28)
    FreeType support enabled
    FreeType label freetype
    FreeType version 2.2.1
    Enabled GIF playback support
    GIF creation support included
    JPG included
    PNG support included
    WBMP support enabled
    XBM support included

    HD also works fine. I evaluated it with code:

    I have tried the following function with many different images and several different configurations. JFile allowing suggestion to create thumbnails is not valid.

    Why is thumbnail generation not working and am I getting this error?

    Phoca Gallery is a great image gallery extension for Joomla. This tutorial shows you how to create styles (albums) in Phoca Gallery and upload images to Phoca Gallery.

    error saving phoca gallery

    This tutorial will give you an idea of ​​extending the Phocala gallery easily. This is a great extension for displaying a lot of images. It also has many other uses: buying golf carts, displaying the products you sell, but unfortunately this guide will only cover the basics of uploading images and defining gallery categories in the extension and how to organize and upload these people.

    We're definitely in the admin area of ​​the website, so I can go to Components and go to the Phoca gallery. Let's just take care of the panel. I set up test categories with some sample images. So here is the link pointing to the Phoca gallery I created and you can see there are actually two galleries and they are calledI Et 2012 2013. If I click on the 2012 gallery, there will be more photos in this collection and they are examples of colors. only.

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  • I would say the Phoca backend is in the gallery, let's visit the categories. You can see it in the categories we have in 2012 2013 and beyond. Think of them as galleries. In Phoca Gallery, you create a section and then add your uploaded images to each category. To do this, download the image to your device. You can assign it to many museums if you like. They also create galleries within galleries to display your images. I have a bunch of photos of cars and trucks with snow on my husband and wife's computer, so let's say I create a category called "Winter Cars" right now. I will now create a single computer subcategory for 2012. Within such a category, I have the option to include a description of the view: "Here are some photos of SUVs and winter cars. This is an example."

    error saving phoca gallery

    That's pretty much all I can do right now. You can always try the other settings included here, such as options withborks, etc. I would probably "save and close" and now we have created a category of cool cars as a subcategory for the whole of 2012.

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    Errore Durante Il Salvataggio Della Galleria Phoca
    Error Al Guardar La Galeria De Phoca
    Oshibka Pri Sohranenii Galerei Phoca
    포카 갤러리를 저장하는 동안 오류가 발생했습니다
    Blad Podczas Zapisywania Galerii Phoca
    Fel Nar Phoca Galleriet Skulle Sparas
    Fehler Beim Speichern Der Phoca Galerie
    Erro Ao Salvar Galeria Phoca
    Erreur Lors De L Enregistrement De La Galerie Phoca
    Fout Bij Opslaan Van Phoca Galerij

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