Having Problems With Error Code C0500 On Konica Minolta?

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    If you have seen the Konica Minolta c0500 error code, the following user guide may help you. Error codes C0500 and C0501 Error codes C0500, C0501 in Konica Minolta bizhub 210/162/163/211/182 Error codes C0500 and C0501 indicate an abnormal fuser temperature. Perfect for almost any DIY enthusiast.

  • Code: C0500
  • Description: Preheat error
    – The temperature of the bottom plate of the fuser roller definitely does not reach a certain temperature after a long period of time during the warm-up cycle.
  • Remedy: Final check to see if the Fuser Roll Heater Lamp (H1) lights up when our switch is turned on, and therefore fix or replace the lamp if necessary. 2 Verify that the optional fuser roller heater LED (H2) is lit when the power switch should be turned on, and repair or replace the LED as needed. 3 Check that the fuser roller thermostat (TS1) is working. P Check resistance TS1. TP1 is open when its resistance is infinite. 4 Check the operation of the unit fuse lockout switch (S2). is constantly running on the following terminals when S2 is activated. • Optional Cross S2-1A and S2-1B • Cross S2-2A and S2-2B 5 Check the installation of the fusing roller thermistor (TH1) and the fusing roller thermistor (TH2), and correct or clean them if necessary. 6 Check the operation of the fuser roller thermistor (TH1) below. Disconnect CN15 (4P), and further check the resistance of CN15-2 in parallel, as well as 3 on the thermistor side. TH1 circuit is open when the current is infinite. 7 Check the operation of the secondary fuser roller thermistor (TH2). Disconnect CN22 (4P) and check the resistance between CN22-2 and On 3 on the thermistor side. TH2 should be open if the resistance was infinite. 8 Check the integrity and authenticity of the fuser roller heater lamp (H1) or replace if necessary. 9 Check the fuser heater LED (H2) for continuity, andcorrect and replace if necessary. 10 Change PU1. 11 Replace PWB-A.
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    Error Code C0500, C0501 In Konica Minolta Bizhub 210/162/163/211/182

    What does error code c0500 and c0501 mean?

    Error codes C0500 and C0501 indicate an abnormal fusing unit temperature. How to reset these codes? Follow these steps to convert error codes C0500 and C0501.

    ECU error code C0500 and C0501 means the fuser lamp temperature is abnormal.

    error code c0500 konica minolta

    5-After a few seconds, the error code will be cleared and the device will reboot. Main selections show no errors

    LCD do

    screen. This means that the error code has been resolved and the copier is working.

    Try holding the stop button and while holding it, lower the machine and turn it on.

    If you still see your code, make sure all connectors are properly connected to the fuser. On the left side there are two Fuu staples.zera, when viewed from the rear, and a connector that goes to the common power supply of the fuser lamp.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan" to start the scanning process
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any detected issues

  • As a general rule, don’t ask for a firmware or service manual, as denial is very offensive.

    If you remove the back cover of the device and take out the fusing unit, you will see a good transfer plate on the left side.

    Make sure this ground plate is properly installed and properly grounded.

    Please do not ask for firmware or other service manuals as failure is usually a violation.

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    error code c0500 konica minolta

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    Codigo De Erro C0500 Konica Minolta
    Codigo De Error C0500 Konica Minolta
    Code D Erreur C0500 Konica Minolta
    Fehlercode C0500 Konica Minolta
    Kod Bledu C0500 Konica Minolta
    Kod Oshibki C0500 Konika Minolta
    오류 코드 C0500 코니카 미놀타
    Codice Di Errore C0500 Konica Minolta
    Felkod C0500 Konica Minolta
    Foutcode C0500 Konica Minolta

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