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    An error message may appear stating that you are downloading Bios Neoragex 5.2a. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem. This is what we are talking about now.

    EmuCR: NeoRAGExNeoRAGE X 5.2a HD (Hack)

    has always been published. This large collection is especially for amateurs

    NeoGeoNeoRageX HD

    Due to a specific change in the video resolution settings to achieve high resolution.

    This wonderful composition is dedicated to the fans of my NeoGeo generation.

    NeoRageX reputation because it is high definition of a certain configuration

    Change the resolution of the movie to an extraordinary resolution.

    A collection consists of specific elements:

    Emulator “NeoRageX v.5.2a” (style in exceptional cases)
    All original NeoGeo consists of 190 online games (including Bang Bang Busters) and all connected “Preview” images + all “unibios” it could be helpful.

    This is hand luggage,

    Dedicated to the world of NeoGeo.

    EmuCR: NeoRAGE X 5.2a HD
    EmuCR: X neorage 5.2a HD
    A sourcehere

    NeoRAGEx_5 .2a. zip 1.37 months

    • »¿NeoRAGEx v5.2 is the best choice for SNK Neofighters team.

    Numerous improvements made to support for Uni-BIO (arcade and console mode), BIOS selection, new options in the menu, IPS patch support, added filters, etc.


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