How To Resolve Common SQL Error Codes

Over the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known error message with common SQL error codes. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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    In another SELECT or DELETE statement, the specified name is not a column containing one of the tables or moods specified in the FROM clause of the statement. In complex INSERT, UPDATE, or MERGE statements, specify why the specified name is not the table’s Lewis, or indicate that a target is specified that is associated with a data modification statement.

    How do I fix error code 811 in SQL?

    Change the as clause to get records based on the primary key. This will definitely not give you an -811 error. However, if you read the table directly by the primary key, you won’t get multiple records.

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    Haufige Sql Fehlercodes
    Codici Di Errore Sql Comuni
    Veelvoorkomende Sql Foutcodes
    Codigos De Error Comunes De Sql
    일반적인 Sql 오류 코드
    Vanliga Sql Felkoder
    Codes D Erreur Sql Courants
    Typowe Kody Bledow Sql
    Codigos De Erro Sql Comuns
    Rasprostranennye Kody Oshibok Sql

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    SQL error code SQL error code description Explanation Offer
    -117 NUMBER OF VALUES ASSIGNED DOES NOT MATCH THE NUMBER OF SPECIFIED OR IMPLIED COLUMNS. The number of values ​​put into the list of values ​​associated with the INSERT statement is not exactly equal to the number specified in the objects/columns. Alternatively, the number of guesses on the right side of the associated task in the SET task poll or in the SET clause of the statement generated by the UPDATE statement does not match the number of columns on the “output” side. Correct the declaration to include people and one value for each of the specified objects/columns.
    -150 AN INSERT, DELETE, OR UPDATE STATEMENT OBJECT IS A VIEW, A SYSTEM MANAGED MATERIALIZED QUERY TABLE, OR A JUMP TABLE THAT IS NOT ALLOWED FOR THE ED QUERY OPERATION. One of the following has occurred: A relocation table was named in an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, or TRUNCATE comment in a triggered action. Transition game tables are read-only. The view specifiedin each INSERT, UPDATE, MERGE, DELETE, or TRUNCATE statement, is defined such that the requested insert, forward, delete, or truncate operation cannot be performed on it. Inserts in a real view are not allowed if: The view plan contains a join clause, GROUP BY or HAVING, possibly the constant a. Two or more columns associated with a view are derived from the type of the same column. The base table of all views contains a column that has no default value and is not included in all views. View updates occur when: The forbidden view definition contains a JOIN, best GROUP BY, or HAVING clause. The SELECT clause in a view view contains a DISTINCT qualifier or some built-in function. A particular column using a view may not be current (i.e. the values ​​of that smiley cannot be updated) if the glow is derived from word, constant, or partitioned column arithmetic as part of its index key is considered, or a column behind a catalog table that is not maybe aboutupdated. Deletion from a view is an invalid view if: The definition contains an enlist in, GROUP BY, or HAVING clause. the SELECT clause in the image definition contains the DISTINCT qualifier, a built-in function. Cutting against the point of view is always forbidden. A helper table or just an XML table has been called a TRUNCATE statement. Be sure to include DB2 base table/view names for INSERT statements. If the error occurred after the CREATE TRIGGER statement, remove some of the INSERT, UPDATE, MERGE, or DELETE statements to navigate to the table.
    -180 INVALID TIME, TIME OR TIMESTAMP. The length or string representation of the new DATE, TIME, or timestamp value does not match the applicable format. The value can be one of the following: For a host variable, the position number of the host type in the variable. If the element number could not be determined, a space was always displayed. For a string constant, a string constant is usually used. The maximum displayed segment is a length indicating the length of the SQLERRM. For shinecharacter enter a name. If the VIEW column is a column and the problem has a matching underlying column, the VIEW column name is displayed. If a column is a VIEW radius but does not have a corresponding corresponding base column, the string “*N” is displayed. otherwise, the value is the improbable string “*N”. Make sure the data benefits are in the correct range and value type. Correct the program to ensure that the provided value matches the DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP syntax.
    -181 THE STRING REPRESENTATION OF A DATETIME VALUE IS NOT A REAL DATETIME VALUE. The string representation of a significant date/time does not conform to the wide variety or acceptable correction format. Check data in SQL reference format. Make sure the value is in the valid range and in the correct format. Fix our own syntax and repeat the statement.
    -204 Name/subject IS AN UNDEFINED NAME. An object uniquely identified by name, definedMember not in all Db2 subsystems. SQLCODE can be generated for any type of Db2 object. Make sure the object name was originally specified correctly in the SQL using statement and with all necessary qualifiers. If the thought is correct, before resubmitting the declaration, make sure that the object normally exists in the system.
    -227 FETCH fetch-orientation NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE CURSOR cursor-name IS UNKNOWN POSITION (sqlcode,sqlstate). The cursor position for the cursor name is cryptic. The previous multi-line FETCH on cursor cursor name resulted in an SQLSTATE (sqlstate) (sqlcode sqlcode) error when processing multiple series fetched from Db2. One or more of the requested rows could not be returned in the given row. The program that follows the error leaves the cursor position unknown. all rows originally retrieved from Db2 can be returned by the utility.