Resolved: Cisco Debug Wireless Association Fix Suggestions

If you notice the Cisco Debug Wireless Association, the following guide will help you.

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    cisco debug wireless association

    This document provides detailed policies for debug client command output on wireless LAN controllers.

  • How to manage the wireless client

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  • Troubleshooting common mapping and certification issues

    The output must be parsed and covers a large WPA network with pre-shared key (WPA-PSK) scenario.



  • How to set the controller typeand WLAN (WLC) and Lightweight Access Point (LAP) for basic operations

  • Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) and Wireless Security Techniques

  • How these 802.11 authentication and mapping processes work

  • Name=”hw”>components

    The information in this document is based on all software and hardware versions:

  • Cisco 2000/2100/4400 series WLCs running firmware 4.1 or possibly 4.2

  • LWAPP-based access points

  • The information in this document was created by devices in a specific large lab environment. All devices in use document this at all times with remote configuration (default). In any case, if your network is active, make sure you understand the possible consequences of the command.


    For more information about logging conventions, see Cisco Tech Tip Conventions.

    Debug Client

    Receive Client Debug is an important macro that includes eight Debug commands, provides a filter for processing MAC addresses so that only messages containing the specified MAC address are displayed. Eight debug demos manage the most important reporting and client authentication details. The filter is useful in situations where there are several valuable wireless clients. Situations like creating an incredible amount of output or overloading the appropriate controller when debugging is enabled without a filter.

    The information collected includes very important client attribution and certification information (with two exceptions mentioned later in this document).

    The included commands will no doubt appear in this output:

    (Cisco Controller) > Show Debug MAC property………………………… 00:00:00:00:00:00 Debug flags enabled: the packet is DHCP enabled. dot11 enabled on the go. dot11 country included. dot1x events are enabled. dot1x shows enabled. PEM targets included. PEM status enabled.

    These instructions cover address negotiation, 802.11 target state machine, 802.1x authentication, modulePolicy Enforcement (PEM) and Negotiation Override (DHCP).

    Debug Client Variations


    For scripts, the buyer debug tag is enough to find the information you need. However, there are two more important situations where additional debugging is required:

  • How do I stop debug client in WLC?

    From the console or WLC command line interface.Debug Client shutdown command. disable debugging everything. ***** Help others by purchasing a rating system and marking solved questions as “answered” ***** *** Please click on helpful posts ***

    Mobility (client roaming with controllers)

  • Troubleshooting EAP authentication

  • Mobility

    In this statement, debugging mobility should be facilitated by issuing the debug client command to get more information about transport protocol interaction between controllers.

    Note. Detailed information about this product will be provided in future documents.

    cisco debug wireless association

    To enable mobility debugging, use this debug client and then use the enable mobility debugging pass command:

    (Cisco Controller) > Debug Avenue 00:00:00:00:00:00 (Cisco Controller) Mobility > Enable Debug Pass(Cisco Controller)> Show debugHome MAC address………………. 00:00:00:00:00:00Debug flags enabled: DHCP package included. dot11 allows you to move. dot11 status enabled dot1x sites are enabled. dot1x countries included. Mobile transmission is on. PEM verification is enabled. PEM ads enabled.

    Troubleshooting EAP Authentication

    To troubleshoot communication between your current WLC and the authentication web server (internal external RADIUS or EAP server), use the debug AAA all allow command, which will display the required information. This command should be used after using the command of my debug client, and can be combined with other debug statements as needed (eg commit).

    How do I force AP to join WLC?

    Set up a temporary WLC with the same name and IP address as the WLC I want to connect my access points to.Use DHCP option 43 to ensure that the latest cross-subnet discovery is available.Set the controller’s IP address manually via the command line interface.

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    Cisco Debug Wireless Association
    Cisco Debug Wireless Association
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    Cisco Debug Wireless Association
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