Various Ways To Fix Canon Error E-18

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    This blog post will help you with Canon e-18 error. Error E18 is an error message found on Canon digital cameras. The E18 error occurs when something is preventing the zoom lenses from extending or retracting correctly. The bug has become infamous among all Canon user communities, as it can completely disable the camera and require expensive repairs.

    I know most of the answers to this question 🙂 so I will post some information here and hope someone finds it very useful … E18

    The error code displayed on the LCD is an exceptional error code that means the Zoom Squidoo lens is stuck or stuck when unfolded. This is a common problem with many Canon compact cameras.

    Read more about this error code and instructions for most faulty cameras on this website: www

    The likely reason for this failure is simply that something is blocking the tiny gears, which, in turn, grind the zoom lens (dirt, etc.). You can recover from some glitch by disassembling the camera and removing anything that is blocked It equips the lens and also its gear. If you send your entire camera in for a professional repair, it will probably cost you more than buying a new camera. So it’s worth trying this repair yourself if possible.

    Some Canon digital cameras I’ve seen are built in a similar way and have been shown to use screws to hold together and allow disassembly.

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