Troubleshooting Steps For Backup Exec Error E000fe09

Recently, some users encountered the Backup Exec error e000fe09. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will discuss this below.

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  • We’re having trouble backing up our boot (C:) and school (D:) partitions on one of our Oracle database servers (Windows, not RAC). I can backup the Oracle directory and system state. The backup shows that Exec is fine. The task is unambiguous when it is not possible to reach individual volumes.

    I’ve tried creating a nice standalone backup job and selecting part A of the individual files in the entire boot partition, but the job often fails.

    I’ve submitted a support ticket to Symantec about this, but the offers have been dragging on for about two weeks now. I hope someone on the forum knows how they encountered this problem and can suggest a workable solution.

    backup exec error e000fe09

    The sell message was displayed in the command history (and the byte depends on 0). Looking at the logging task, it looks like the information about failed servers doesn’t apply to you.

  • V-79-57344-38260 Unable to create the specified virtual machine snapshot. Perhaps the virtual machine is too tedious forTo take a snapshot.
  • backup exec error e000fe09

    V-79-57344-65304 – The virtual machine resource must not respond. Game save aborted.

  • These .indicate .servers .that .support .restart ….but perhaps not completely.


    The job fails with an error – Last Error: 0xe000fe09 – Directory is invalid” and the job log says “Directory not found. Failed to back up ProgramsSymantecSMSMSE6.0Serverbm_ruleset.2.spamsig_rules.1224550858 directories and verify that they are subdirectories.

    Error Message

    “Directory not found. Directory ProgramsSymantecSMSMSE5.0Serverbm_ruleset.2.spamsig_rules.1167885572 and its subdirectories could not be copied”


    This error occurs during a backup installation of the Symantec Mail Security computer software components folder. Symantec Mail Security for Exchange has created temporary subfolders to update spam filtering rules and then deletes those folders when you’re done updating literally throws an error


    Avoid the followingShared folders from backup operations, often using wildcards.

    For the above error message, the omission would look like this:


    There are two methods for creating exceptions:

    1. Create a final global exception that excludes folders from each newly created task.

    Restore the backup career after making a global exclusion adjustment.

  • Create the exact exception as part of a specific list for a specific job.
  • See the Related Documents section for instructions. To set up exclusions using method 2, change the job list to select a backup option from the exclusion list.

    Windows 2003 SP2 has been fully updated
    Backup Exec 12.5 Rev. 2213

    I get specific E000FE09. The directory contains invalid job errors that were rare in the past. I easily create new jobs with the same result. The directory is valid and all data has not been changed Or your location.

    This will happen if I fully backup my server with 1.4TB of data. He goes through everything, checks, then BAM fails and the presentation fails. In the case of 1.4 TB, it currently runs for about 17 months, which is normal.
    So full homebrew jobs for that data won’t run, differential jobs won’t run anyway.

    On the server where concurrent exec is installed, I also have their external SCSI storage device that my swap backups go to (thankfully they didn’t crash). For example, if I copy three old image records from this disk to tape, I get E000FE09. The directory is invalid…. And all about the same physical system.

    Because it can fail on the same system, this tool makes me suspect that there are problems using Backup Exec. Instead, there is something wrong with the location of the data.

    Everything I’ve searched for “Directory may be invalid” hasn’t worked so far.

    It works and everything is fine, even looks at several bands depending onawns on the size of the data, but still after the check it does not work. I also tried to test them but it didn’t help. The test works well even after work.

    Any help is especially welcome.

    This is my first time using my forum to get help.

    Thank you

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