How To Fix Unknown Error 1601 Iphone 3gs

If you are experiencing unknown error 1601 iphone 3gs on your computer, I hope this guide will help you fix it.

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    The stock BIOS comes with the Asus 1215N, it’s a good BIOS… to work with a stock system. Unfortunately, the deals allow access to more than 2.8GB of RAM. Given that most people update their systems, this is a complete bummer; using an extra 2 GB instead of 800 MB, which is much more convenient to use, is not good.

    Fortunately, updating all bios is easy – if someone knows how to do it. Remember all the claims of experts: “Create a boot disk with DOS, turn on junk? Flash.” Aldeady no! The Asus EZ Flash system allows you to flash Adobe directly from a USB cable (or possibly from another medium, but in the role of the 1215N it only has one USB port, which is what you currently use).

    The trick is that if you test it, it probably won’t work.

    an unknown error occurred 1601 iphone 3gs

    Why? EZ-Flash requires the ugly FAT16 file system to work. It also seems to require the motion range to be called “1215N.ROM” (for unknown reasons, the old spam was naturally tethered to my own USB stick). If it’s enough to succeed, great, you learned something else about…


    This erased all the old data on our USB stick. It should be obvious…

    Delete the partitions, create a new one (or just use a RAW partition – that works too) and maybe create a “FAT” filesystem. Wrong fat32 file system – only FAT.

    Copy some ROM from Asus download location to USB as “1215N.And rom” then reboot to USB.

    After rebooting into BIOS, press Alt-F2 several times. The system should recognize the USB drive and sign the BIOS to release the final amount of RAM!

    As far as I know, the system can support 8GB, but I think 8GB in the computer is starting to “wait … for what?” Category. However, this can be very tedious if you are working with a lot of RAM and a low CPU…

    Choose one of the links in the list below to start downloading Asus Eee PC 1215N BIOS Update 0701 drivers.

    2. DOS BIOS update utility

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    If you encounter any errors while downloading the Asus Eee PC 1215N BIOS Update 0701 driver, please send an email to Proizoshla Neizvestnaya Oshibka 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Er Is Een Onbekende Fout Opgetreden 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Se Produjo Un Error Desconocido 1601 Iphone 3gs
    알 수 없는 오류가 발생했습니다 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Ett Okant Fel Intraffade 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Une Erreur Inconnue S Est Produite 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Ein Unbekannter Fehler Ist Aufgetreten 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Si E Verificato Un Errore Sconosciuto 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Ocorreu Um Erro Desconhecido 1601 Iphone 3gs
    Wystapil Nieznany Blad 1601 Iphone 3gs

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